(plenary invited speaker)

Baryons as tracers of cosmic web and physics behind: an observer’s perspective

Galaxies are known to be good but biased tracers of the underlying dark matter field. This bias, driven mainly by the history of hierarchical clustering and galaxy/halo assembly history, results in the relations between galaxy physical properties and the underlying dark cosmic web, which are not easy to model, even in the framework of the standard cosmological model. At the same time, tests of any extensions to the GR are necessarily based on the same set of baryonic tracers.  Thus, using galaxies as tracers of cosmic structure and cosmological models strongly relies on our understanding of the relations between a galaxy, its DM halo, and large-scale environment and its evolution. In my talk, I will show some recent results from our group illustrating nontrivial dependencies between galaxy properties and their environment affecting clustering measurements, and pointing to the necessity of a new generation of models and simulations.