(plenary invited speaker)

Unresolved Anomalies and Tensions in the Standard Cosmological Model

The standard Lambda Cold Dark Matter cosmological model has been incredibly successful in explaining a wide range of observational data, from the cosmic microwave background radiation to the large-scale structure of the universe. However, recent observations have revealed a number of inconsistencies among the model's key cosmological parameters, which have different levels of statistical significance. These include discrepancies in measurements of the Hubble constant, the S8 tension, and the CMB tension. While some of these inconsistencies could be due to systematic errors, the persistence of such tensions across various probes suggests a potential failure of the canonical LCDM model. In this seminar, I will examine these inconsistencies and discuss possible explanations, including modifications to the standard model, that could potentially alleviate them. However, I will also discuss the limitations of these proposed solutions and note that none of them have successfully resolved the discrepancies. I will highlight the need for further investigation into these unresolved tensions and the potential for new physics beyond the standard model to provide a more complete understanding of the universe.